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Tranzsoft Business Process Consultancy

E-business and EDI
Tranzsoft consultants can evaluate, advise and report on e-business strategies producing recommendations on:
  • How to improve internal business processes and automate procedures.
  • Analysing the savings possible by implementing an e-procurement solution.
  • e-Commerce options for B2B and B2C connectivity and integration.
  • Implementation and integration of Procurement, Catalogue, Warehouse Management and trading partners.
  • Designing a strategy around mobile commerce, wireless applications and a complete solution involving integration of such with the back office.
  • Enterprise application integration (EAI) between legacy systems.

Business Process Management (BPM)
Tranzsoft offer qualifies and experienced business analysts to provide detailed business process review and mapping.

Our Business Process review and mapping (BPR) tools can be included in a packaged consultancy to provide the basis for Business Process Management.

To find out more call Tranzsoft on +64 9 448 2075


Quality Assurance Implementation

What does it do?
Change within an organisation demands the accompanying changes in process control and procedures to ensure best practise and compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Tranzsoft Quality Assurance practitioners are available to assist with meeting these goals and others in order to attain a state of continuous improvement in the organisation. This may include achieving benchmarks such as ISO Accreditation, Food Safety, Health & Safety, Environment Protection / Sustainability, Quality Control, IT Security and IT Service Provision.

QAI have modules to deliver to the requirements of the NZ Code of Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) for the Manufacturing and Distribution of Therapeutic Goods.

Quality Assurance services include:

  • Improvement of operational, supply chain & service efficiency
  • Design & implementation of systems to meet the requirement of various standards and regulations e.g. ISO, OSH, HACCP, GMP etc.
  • Franchise advice, formation & documentation
  • Technical & process documentation (including updating to the ISO 9001-2000), using either the FlowBiz or Mavim Process Mapping applications.
  • System auditing - ISO / OSH / HACCP / GMP systems
  • Training programmes - Engineering, Manufacturing, Food, Wool and Textiles, Retail / FMCG and Logistics / Supply Chain

How do users benefit?

  • Ensure process documentation is used properly throughout the business
  • Produce current and easy to maintain information
  • Reduce business risk by no longer having one person or team responsible for managing all process documentation
  • The organisation can extract the full benefits from the management programmes instead relying on the knowledge of a few key staff members.
  • Formal documentation and capture of incremental process change over time instead of information being subject to the collective memory of people or teams
  • Cost effective and efficient implementation of systems that address areas of risk

For further information visit www.qai.co.nz



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